Cruz Challenger Boasts Fundraising Success

( – Democratic Texas Representative Colin Allred raised over $6 million in the first two months of his campaign to challenge GOP Senator Ted Cruz for the Senate seat. In a July 6 statement, Allred’s campaign said it will disclose raising over $8.6 million for its Federal Elections Commission report for the second quarter. This amount includes nearly $6.2 million that the campaign collected since it was officially launched back in May.

According to the Texas Tribune, which was the first media outlet to obtain Allred’s fundraising numbers, the congressman transferred the other $2.4 million from his campaign account. His campaign told the newspaper that it included in-kind contributions and direct funds. It pointed out that these in-kind contributions included nonmonetary support, as many voters have been feeling “enthusiastic” about Allred’s bid.

The Democratic leader began his campaign on May 3 with a video where he described himself as someone willing to work with any Republican. He said bipartisanship is important to pass numerous initiatives such as bringing manufacturing jobs back to the country and helping veterans. However, he explained in his video that it is difficult to do this with Senator Cruz as he accused him of only wanting to stay in power and caring exclusively about himself.

As reported by a University of Texas poll, Cruz remains the main favorite to maintain the Senate seat as he has a solid 5-point lead over the Democratic leader. The survey pointed out that only 14 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t know who to vote for.

Different reports have been saying that the state Senate will be quite difficult for the Democratic Party, considering that the map doesn’t provide too many pickup chances. In fact, it would be difficult for Allred to beat Cruz not only because of his popularity but also because of the latest precedent of former Representative Beto O’Rourke. He lost by nearly 3 points against Cruz, in a 2018 election that most pollsters and political analysts thought he was going to win.   

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