Cruz DESTROYS AOC With Firestorm Of Tweets

( – Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz educated New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a Twitter feud that became viral. The topic was the history of racism in both US parties after the Senator entered into a discussion with a Twitter user over the NAACP travel advisory.

At one moment, Cruz explained to the user how Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act in a bigger proportion than Democrats. Then, Ocasio-Cortez challenged him to explain what happened with both parties after that, suggesting that from that moment the GOP changed its stance on racism.

The Republican Senator accepted the offer and wrote a tweet thread where he explained numerous moments when Democrats remained the racist party. First, he said they were the ones who “founded the KKK.” Then, he added that the Democratic Party “wrote Jim Crow laws” and even managed to filibuster the Civil Rights Act.

Cruz also said that the GOP was originally founded to “oppose slavery” in the country. He also told Ocasio-Cortez that it was Republican President Abraham Lincoln the one who ended slavery in the country after winning the Civil War.

Additionally, Cruz said things aren’t quite different today, citing how Democrats filibuster school choice and push for abolishing the police. The Senator explained these are actions that harm millions of African-American kids and families across the country.

Also, the Republican leader said that the GOP has benefited African-American communities by passing policies that produced the lowest unemployment ever. He cited the Trump economic boom, which he said was responsible not only for this but also for producing the lowest African-American poverty levels.

The thread immediately became viral, with thousands of users commenting and retweeting it. Even Twitter CEO Elon Musk commented on it, saying this was “the kind of interaction” that makes this social media platform entertaining and unique. He posted this comment to Ocasio-Cortez’s initial tweet.

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