Cruz Slams McCarthy Over Debt Ceiling Deal

( – Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz blasted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Monday, because of the debt ceiling deal he and US President Joe Biden reached. Cruz made these comments on his podcast “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” where he explained that Democrats’ positive reaction shows how bad the agreement was.

The Senator said that one of the best ways to “assess this deal” is to listen to what the Democratic Party is saying on social media, radio shows, and TV networks. He then claimed that the president is urging liberals to support the deal, citing tweets from never-Trumper Bill Kristol and former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

After that, Cruz criticized Kristol for supporting the debt ceiling agreement, claiming he has the “Trump derangement syndrome.” He explained this is something that makes Kristol think that the United States would be a better place by letting “Marxists” get full control of it. He also said that the fact that the “far-left are cheerleading” after the deal is the evidence that this one wasn’t good.

Following those claims, Cruz gave his assessment of some specific provisions detailed in the debt ceiling deal between McCarthy and President Biden. The Senator explained that the increase of the debt limit from 1.5 trillion to 4 trillion is a massive increase in terms of “big picture comparison.” He added that the most disappointing detail of the agreement was that the spending reductions are considerably smaller.

One of the main items of the debt ceiling deal is a cap on federal spending increases at one percent annually over six years. Other items include a freeze on non-defense discretionary spending at fiscal year 2022 levels, and work obligations for those who receive welfare. Also, it includes a reform to accelerate energy projects in the country and resuming student loan payments, which many believe is an extremist and populist measure.

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