Cruz Unloads on Top Democratic Officials

( – Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz blasted multiple Democratic leaders on September 11 during the newest episode of his podcast. He touched on the most important political events across the country, and about the 9/11 anniversary.

Cruz also discussed New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s decision to unilaterally suspend concealed and open-carry gun laws in the state, and the Biden administration’s plan to maintain illegal immigrants in Texas.

When talking about 9/11, Cruz explained that having open borders is inviting terrorists to the country, and he pointed out that the next planner of a similar terrorist attack will enter the United States from Mexico. He then said that the worst aspect of this issue is that if the terrorist manages to come across, President Joe Biden will fly that person to wherever he wants to go. The Texas Senator also said that every day that the Biden administration refuses to solve the border crisis issue, the possibility of another terrorist attack in the country goes up.

Cruz told his co-host Ben Ferguson he read that the Biden administration was planning to use ankle monitors on illegal aliens in Texas to prevent them from leaving the state. He said this was a “complete garbage” as it was a political decision that every legal expert in the country would find it “blatantly illegal.” The Senator told Ferguson that this measure would make Texas increase its population to 37 million inhabitants as 7.2 million illegally crossed from Mexico to this state under President Biden. He added that the commander-in-chief would be defying federal law as this one requires the deportation of these illegal aliens.

When talking about Lujan, Cruz said her decision to sign an executive order to restrict New Mexicans’ constitutional rights is the direct consequence of electing Democrats. The Senator pointed out that what she did was “unapologetically lawless,” and claimed that the Democratic Party is today a “totalitarian” one.

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