Cuccinelli Says DeSantis May Actually Gain Ground in Iowa

( – Ken Cuccinelli, who is the founder of pro-Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Never Back Down PAC, said on August 21 that the presidential candidate can gain ground in Iowa, despite the latest poll results in the state. During an interview with Newsmax, Cuccinelli told the media outlet that even when former President Donald Trump has a lead of 23 percentage points, many “signs” could benefit DeSantis.

The founder of the pro-DeSantis PAC explained that the Florida governor has solidly maintained his “alternative status” to the former commander-in-chief in Iowa. He then pointed out that he and his team have knocked “on hundreds of thousands of doors” in the state, which he said it’s something no other GOP presidential candidate has done.

In another part of the interview, Cuccinelli said that DeSantis has already visited over a third of the countries in Iowa, as he wants to show voters he’s a hard worker who wants to earn their confidence and votes. Cuccinelli then noted that more than 10,000 voters have already committed to the Florida Governor in writing.

Iowa will be the first state in the country for the campaign trail for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, commencing its caucus on January 15, ahead of the New Hampshire primary a couple of days later. The NBC News/Des Moines Register polls showed that Trump currently has 42 percent of support in the state while DeSantis only has 19 percent. South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is in third place with 9 percent of support in this state.

When asked about the importance of these written commitments, Cuccinelli cited the case of Texas Senator Ted Cruz during the 2016 GOP presidential primary. He said that DeSantis currently has one-fifth of the commitments Cruz received that year, noting that this is what allowed the Republican leader to win the Iowa Caucus. He also pointed out that the Florida Governor has been officially endorsed by 40 state legislators, while Cruz only received the endorsement of 12 in 2016.

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