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Washington Post Columnist George Will Tells Biden and Harris A No For 2024

Washington Post Columnist George Will Tells Biden and Harris A No For 2024

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Washington Post columnist George Will published a scathing opinion piece on November 2, claiming the best choice for Biden and Harris would be to bow out of the 2024 election. The writer pointed at both politicians’ track records in the White House, explaining that the president is unfit for office, and his second in command simply isn’t qualified to fill his place.

Will felt Biden’s recent decision to sign away massive amounts of student loan debt with an executive order was “an enormous boulder” that slipped past most people’s radars. The kicker was the president’s statement after the fact, claiming his new law passed by “a vote or two” in Congress. Will speculated confusion was behind the flub, noting Congress had nothing to do with the move.

The criticism over Harris has been just as fierce. Will pointed at the numerous speeches the vice president has made in which she appeared to stumble and repeat herself — in some cases, to the point where she barely made sense. The writer went so far as to compare her speeches to “someone giving a book report on a book she has not read.” Whereas he considers Biden beyond “past his prime,” Will notes with a hint of awe that such is not the case for Harris. If this is as good as it gets for the second in command, what would she look like at her worst?

George Will has been writing for The Washington Post since 1974, but his voice remains strong in the political world. His opinions have earned him numerous awards, including a 1977 Pulitzer. In 1997, he earned a spot on the National Journal’s 25 most influential Washington journalists list.

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