D.C. Mystery Involving Children Has Officials Scrambling

D.C. Mystery Involving Children Has Officials Scrambling

(AmericanProsperity.com) – President Biden has taken it upon himself to transport unaccompanied migrant children to different parts of the United States. These transportation flights take place in the dead of the night without Biden announcing they’re going to happen, leading to a mystery when it comes to how many minors they’ve moved. The federal government has finally given a number to the amount of unaccompanied children in its custody but hasn’t detailed where they are or who has them.

According to a report from Real Clear Investigations (RCI), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released the number of illegals it has flown from areas near the border to places as far as New York, Atlanta, and Chicago. The DHS claims to have sent over 71,600 illegal immigrants to 20 cities throughout the country.

The report indicates that the DHS claims 40,000 of the migrants were children. However, Biden administration critics are asking questions as they don’t believe the number DHS provided to RCI is high enough.

The DHS gave the alleged number of children it transported but never detailed where they were going, with experts believing the major cities were only way stations rather than destinations. The department also never mentioned who was taking custody of the children. Why are they being so opaque about the situation?

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