Dangerous Heatwave Coming to United States With Grim Records Expected

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The official summer season is weeks away, but the rising temperatures have already started to hit the United States. This has caused concern for many as this could cause dangerous conditions and many states are already preparing for the hot temperatures.

Heat warnings have been put into effect in states such as Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and even California. More than thirty million people are bracing for extreme heat waves in their area and the potential for life-threatening temperatures is high. Experts have already warned that this could be the start of another record-breaking season in terms of temperatures.

With the season starting off extremely hot already, there is a lot of strain put on the system, and it’s especially difficult for vulnerable communities. Researchers have been looking deeply into how the increased heat affects people throughout their lives.

Within the research, they’ve discovered that increased heat is linked to pregnancy issues and even school performance. Dr. V Kelly Turner, an associate professor of urban planning and geography at the University of California, said “Chronic heat exposure can affect people in really pernicious and hidden ways.”

Turner explained, “There are all these points where heat touches your life and it doesn’t even have to be that extreme.” She continued, “There are a lot of people who are chronically too hot. An extreme heat event can shift the balance.”

Sudden changes in the temperature during seasons can be dangerous, and it can cause longer stretches of heat. Says Turner, “Earlier in the year, people haven’t had a chance for their bodies to become acclimated to hotter temperatures.” She continued, “The change in heat conditions might be just as critical as the extreme head-turning temperatures.”

Some of the states that will see temperatures of 110 degrees are Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. Experts have said that Death Valley could reach temperatures of over one hundred and twenty degrees.

The heat wave that they are referring to hit Mexico first and killed almost fifty people in the area.

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