Daniel Penny’s Attorney Pushes Back On Accusations

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Daniel Penny’s attorney Thomas Kenniff pushed back on accusations that his client thought he had the legal right to take the life of Jordan Neely. Kenniff refuted these allegations from Neely’s family attorney during a Monday interview with “The Story’s” Martha MacCallum.

It all started when she asked Kenniff about Penny’s interview at the New York Post, regarding what happened at the New York City subway on May 1st. That day, Penny choked Neely to death, as he was showing violent and erratic behavior according to police officers and train passengers.

McCallum read the attorney a statement from Neely’s family, who said that even when the 30-year-old man had a mental illness, Penny had no right to kill him.

After that, Kenniff told “The Story” he didn’t want to enter into a public back-and-forth feud with Neely’s family attorney. However, he explained it was “absurd” to say that Penny thought he had the right to take Neely’s life. Kenniff also explained that Penny didn’t even intend to take his life, pointing out his client was put in a situation no one “would want to be in.”

At one moment, MacCallum asked Kenniff about Penny’s declarations, where he said he would do it again as he thought he was protecting the train passengers. The attorney said it was difficult to establish an opinion on this matter as his client was confronted with a terrifying situation. He added that Penny took the appropriate action to restrain a person that was a threat to the train passengers.

This situation has already become a national scandal, with liberal and leftist leaders claiming this was an act of racism. In fact, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday as he said Penny was a “Good Samaritan.” According to the Post, the Republican leader said that Penny did the right thing as he was only trying to protect the passengers.

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