Dark Money Mothership Advisor Distances Itself From the Group

Dark Money Mothership Advisor Distances Itself From the Group

(AmericanProsperity.com) – As more of the dark money backing Democrats is exposed, one organization apparently connecting them all is beginning to distance itself from a backer for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. If the public already knows about dark money backing Democrats, why is the group distancing itself?

The “dark money mothership,” Arabella Advisors (AA), is putting distance between itself and Demand Justice, a smaller dark money group advocating for the confirmation of Jackson to the Supreme Court. AA claims that it doesn’t work for the dark money group in any way.

In a quietly issued memo, the company addressed accusations from the Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) that it was the mastermind behind all the dark money connections to the Supreme Court. It also alleged JCN funded the smearing of justices who didn’t follow the liberal narrative. The Daily Wire reported that an AA spokesman, Steve Sampson, told them Arabella Advisors doesn’t work for Demand Justice, which he mentioned became its own organization in May 2021.

The advisory group mentioned Demand Justice is a non-profit organization after the Washington Post claimed it was a liberal equivalent of the JCN. Arabella Advisors asserted that it’s a consulting business that supports the ideas of its clients and philanthropy, declaring it doesn’t follow one specific ideology.

AA admitted that some of its clients were more open about expressing their views, adding that advisory groups commonly address issues all over the world. It denies knowledge of clients’ political preferences, adding politics have no influence on how AA supports anyone’s philanthropic work.

If Arabella Advisors is behind all of the so-called dark money groups backing Democrats, the news is likely to damage its claim of being a neutral organization. The firm could lose clients over its political leanings, and their charitable donations could fall under increased scrutiny.

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