DC Government Starts Pushing Monkeypox Vaccine on “Adult Industry” Staff

DC Government Starts Pushing Monkeypox Vaccine on

Government Starts Pushing New Vaccine

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Just as the push for the COVID-19 vaccine seems to be tapering off, President Biden and his health officials roll out another. This time it is for what they refer to as the monkeypox outbreak. And because there is a limited supply of vaccines, they have decided to target a specific group — sex workers and gay or bisexual men.

The Department of Health in Washington, DC recently released its recommendation of eligibility for the monkeypox vaccine.

The list includes people who work in bathhouses, saunas and sex clubs or those who have had numerous sexual partners within the past 14 days, in a region monkeypox is known to be spreading. Officials were quick to point out that the list included any transgender or nonbinary people who were considered male at birth yet fornicate with men. In order to obtain the vaccine, proof of residency is all a person needs in DC.

Other needy cities and states will be allocated the short supply of 28,000 monkeypox vaccines as well, with an expected 300,000 more to be available within weeks. While the Daily Caller reports 4,700 cases occurred globally in 2022, and the CDC says the US has 460 confirmed cases, Biden plans to have 1.6 million doses readily available by the end of the year.

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