Dead Body Found Stuffed in Barrel

Dead Body Found Stuffed in Barrel

( – Police officers often stumble upon odd things in their day-to-day work, but little could have prepared New Jersey cops for what was inside a 55-gallon barrel in a local park. Locals told police there was a foul smell coming from the plastic drum, and that’s when officers opened the lid and discovered something terrible.

On Friday, August 13, police officers found the body of high-end escort Nicole Flanagan in a plastic barrel in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. Video footage from the night before showed her entering a luxurious Wall Street apartment, accompanied by a member of a notorious Queens, NY gang.

Later that evening, security guards at the Manhattan apartment building questioned a man rolling a barrel into the building. He claimed he was moving and later brought it back downstairs and loaded it into a U-Haul.

The Daily Beast reported on the horrifying situation:

By the time police officers arrived at the apartment, the two men who were there overnight were gone. While Flanagan’s body did not have obvious signs of injury, police have ordered a toxicology report to better understand the cause of death. Police have not found the U-Haul involved in the incident, either.

Flanagan was a mother to three children. Hopefully, investigators on this case will be able to find, arrest, and prosecute those involved in her death to the fullest extent.

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