Deep Sea Dive Attacks Are Actually Sea Snakes Looking for a Mate

Deep Sea Dive Attacks Are Actually Sea Snakes Looking for a Mate

( – Shark attacks and the oxygen tank running out of air are typically the first things to come to mind when someone thinks about the dangers of scuba diving. However, divers must also be wary of snake attacks, as these sea creatures often confuse humans with possible mates.

Rick Shine, a herpetologist at Macquarie University in Australia, took a new look at data from 1994 and 1995 involving sea snake attacks off the coast of Australia to try and determine if there was a pattern to them. Shine found that the majority of attacks came from males during the breeding season.

Shine deduced that olive sea snakes, which have poor eyesight, were not attacking humans out of aggression most of the time but because they were hoping to find a mate. Nature and science writer Jason Bittel shared the new recommendation for how divers should react if approached by one of these snakes:

Ross Alford, a professor emeritus at Australia’s James Cook University who co-authored the study, highlighted that it’s best to let the venomous snake investigate you without any aggressive movements. This way, the snake will realize its mistake and move on to find a more suitable mate.

Although allowing the serpent to approach and lick a deep-sea diver may sound ridiculous, it truly is the best way to stay safe while sharing the ocean with these fascinating creatures.

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