Dem Push Liberal Art Spending With Multi-Trillion Relief Package

Dem Push Liberal Art Spending With Multi-Trillion Relief Package

( – On Monday, House Democrats began drafting a new Phase-5 coronavirus relief bill they say will be trillions of dollars. They also don’t have bipartisanship in mind. Instead, this time, the Democrats plan on adding a laundry list of progressive programs and are prepared for a showdown with Republicans.

They want to prepare the bill before the Senate so that it becomes the starting point to negotiate down, not a fight to negotiate up. The House bill is not expected to be available until next week.

Democrats say they want money for the arts, relief for state and local governments, more direct payments to Americans, expanded unemployment benefits, and help for small businesses. They also indicate rent relief, food stamps, and other wish list items could pop up in the bill as well. To date, Congress has passed around $3 trillion in federal aid.

Republicans say they’re ready to put on the brakes on spending. However, they’re open to another bill so long as it’s explicitly related to COVID-19 relief. Last week, the Treasury Department said it would be borrowing $3 trillion, this quarter alone, to pay for direct payments to Americans, business relief, and other spending to help the healthcare system.

Stay tuned. This is going to be an interesting process.

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