Democrat Colin Allred Announces Bid for Ted Cruz’ Senate Seat

( – Democratic Texas Representative Colin Allred announced on Wednesday morning he’s officially challenging the reelection of the state’s Republican Senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz next year, claiming the conservative leader doesn’t care about anything but himself.

In a video posted on Twitter, Allred said that he was prepared to fight “anyone who came through” during the January 6th, 2001 Capitol riots, while the video shows one of the rioters commenting he believed the Texas Senator “would want us to do this.” Following that scene, Allred claims that Cruz was hiding inside a closet during the scandalous event.

Additionally, Allred mentioned Senator Cruz’s travels to a Mexican beach in February 2021, while millions of Texans were without electricity due to severe weather conditions. Allred then claimed that Cruz prioritizes appearances on Fox News over efforts to keep rural Texas hospitals open.

In another part of the footage, the congressman added that Cruz prefers wasting time on culture wars than lowering drug prices or raising wages, adding that he doesn’t care about the struggles of the Texan citizens. Finally, Allred said these struggles matter to him as he assures these “are the story of my life.

The footage states that the congressman used to be an NFL linebacker before being elected to the House. It also points out that he has worked with GOP members to pass a new trade deal with Mexico, bring manufacturing jobs to the country and support veterans.

Over the last 30 years, a Democrat hasn’t served as a Texas Senator. While some media outlets point out this race will be a potential pickup chance for the Democratic Party, experts believe Cruz is the favorite in his electoral battle. In 2018, the Republican leader defeated former Democratic Representative Beto O’Rourke by nearly 3 points, in an election that many thought the Democratic Texas leader would win.

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