Democrat Congresswoman Wants To STOP Funding This!

Jayapal Doesn't Want To Fund Border Security

Jayapal Doesn’t Want To Fund Border Security

( – Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” with host Jake Tapper on September 20. The Washington congresswoman addressed the border crisis, pointing the blame in several directions. She claimed adding funds to border security wouldn’t help the issue despite an overwhelmed system.

Jayapal said the real problem was Republicans continuously calling the southern border an “open door,” which she said was “inviting more people to come.” The left-wing lawmaker accused the Right of having no desire to fix the issue, placing a large portion of the blame on former President Donald Trump. She insisted the 45th Commander in Chief worsened the crisis by pulling assistance from Central American countries, thereby allowing conditions to deteriorate to the point where many citizens had no choice but to flee. She added, “seeking asylum is legal.”

Violence and starvation in Venezuela, where an oppressive Marxist government has left the streets battle-torn and residents fearing for their lives, have reportedly led to the majority of the recent influx. Jayapal alleged that only a “holistic” approach, including increased aid to South American countries in need, would address the crisis. She added that Trump compounded the problem by eliminating many legal routes for immigrants to enter the US. The representative claimed more people would seek the proper channels to get here if the options were available.

Jayapal called the current treatment, including busing people to unprepared locations across the country, “disgusting,” accusing Republicans of “turning human beings into political pawns.”

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