Democrat GOVERNOR Finally Admits What’s Coming!

Newsom Admits Democrats Are Getting Destroyed

Newsom Admits Democrats Are Getting Destroyed

( – Midterms are only days away, and Republicans are in a good position to win the House and possibly even the Senate. Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) isn’t facing re-election in 2022, but he has been campaigning for his fellow Democrats. Despite his efforts to help his party, Newsom recently admitted Republicans are crushing the Left.

Newsom made his comments during a recent interview with Major Garret of CBS. The governor explained Republicans were destroying Democrats in regard to narrative, asserting his party needed to stop focusing so much on defense and be more aggressive. Garret asked the California governor if the midterms felt like a “red wave.” Newsom said that it did.

The governor’s comments go against his party, which has attempted to downplay the possibility of a GOP takeover. Newsom assured he wasn’t being paid to criticize his party and, explaining that he was being pragmatic, admitted Democrats were performing poorly. His recent interview wasn’t the first time Newsom criticized his party. Earlier this year the governor made similar comments during a discussion at the Texas Tribune Festival.

Democrats have focused on issues like abortion, while Republicans use the country’s economic situation and surging crime to attack their opponents. Inflation, the economy, and crime are among the top concerns of voters this election cycle, making it easy for the Right to push a stronger message than the Left.

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