Democrat Governor Makes Stunning Confession About State School’s Propaganda

Democrat Governor Makes Stunning Confession About State School's Propaganda

( – Education has been and always will be one of the most important aspects of society. It all begins with young children. Some schools have been teaching kids as young as first graders about gender identity, genitalia, and sexuality. Many Americans have shown concern for their children, condemning these schools and declaring these matters inappropriate. Recently Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey, admitted that teaching these topics to kids at that age isn’t appropriate.

The recent admission from Governor Murphy only came as the result of immense scrutiny and pressure. Originally, the governor defended the curriculum, asserting it passed in 2020. As criticism grew, Murphy changed his tune and admitted that some of the lesson plans people were seeing in schools were isolated occurrences, adding that many school districts hadn’t adopted them and they didn’t reflect the state’s standards.

Murphy went on to talk about how locals should review any age-inappropriate content before talking about how politicians were misrepresenting his state’s sample lesson plans for their own gain. The governor even claimed the gender identity curriculum was appropriate, even for first graders. But he did mention how parents should have some say in what schools teach their children.

It goes to show that parents across the country need to keep an eye out for what school systems are trying to teach their children. For the progressive Left attempting to push these lesson plans on children, this could cause problems as educators won’t be able to do whatever they want. With so many issues to watch out for, parents are more likely than ever to keep a close eye on their kids’ coursework.

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