Democrat Views Biden as “Transitional President”

( – A former Democratic lawmaker from Michigan told The Wall Street Journal on November 9 that President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is weak. The former liberal leader also told the newspaper that while he seemed “perfect” back in 2020, the commander-in-chief was nothing more than a “transitional president.”

In its article, the Journal revealed that some Democratic leaders in numerous US battleground states were worried about the 2024 presidential election. The newspaper noted that many of them believe that President Biden seems to be in a weak position and could lose against former president and presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The former lawmaker, who spoke under condition of anonymity, also said that President Biden should quit his campaign and allow a transition in the Democratic Party. The person explained that “many people” in the party agree the president must allow another political figure to rise and become the nominee.

The former lawmaker’s comments came after two different polls showed that Trump is ahead of President Biden, not only in what could be a rematch of the 2020 presidential election but also in five battleground states. One of these polls was conducted by CNN, which showed that the former commander-in-chief is ahead of the Democratic leader 49 percent to 45 percent among US registered voters. The other poll was conducted by the New York Times and Siena College, and it showed that the majority of voters are concerned about President Biden’s age,

A member of the DNC, who also spoke with the Journal under condition of anonymity, explained that many Democrats hoped that President Biden wouldn’t even announce his reelection campaign. However, the person noted that many Democrats still believe that President Biden will take the “best” decision” for “the country” and allow a “stronger candidate” to take his place as the party’s nominee. The DNC member also explained the only way for “this scenario” to take place is by President Biden dropping out of the race, as the person noted that no one in the party is “prepared to push him out.”

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