Democratic Fundraiser Fires Almost 17 Percent of Its Staff

( – Democratic online fundraising clearinghouse ActBlue decided to fire nearly 17 percent of its whole staff on Monday morning. The nonprofit’s CEO and President Regina Wallace-Jones explained in a statement this was a necessary step to take because it’s a “restructuring” effort that will eventually help ensure the clearinghouse’s “long-term financial sustainability.”

While it remains unclear how many workers and employees were fired from ActBlue, it’s known that both nonunion and union staff were included in the massive layoffs. In fact, the ActBlue Union revealed in a separate statement that 54 of its workers, which includes 32 union members, were included in the restructuring effort and had to be fired.

Moreover, the union explained that while it proposed a wide number of alternatives to mitigate or fully stop the staff reduction that is taking place at the clearinghouse, ActBlue’s leadership declined each of the proposals. These alternatives included reducing payment at the executive level and even halting the costs of labor raises.

Wallace-Jones explained that this decision was crucial to control and streamline operations and costs ahead of next year’s election cycle. She also pointed out that this staff reduction will only affect the nonprofit’s technical side and would allow it to hire more professionals in specialized and technical roles, which she said was important since fundraising for progressives and Democrats will probably be stronger in 2024 because of the different electoral events that will take place in the country, including the presidential election.

Finally, Wallace-Jones closed her statement by pointing out that ActBlue’s main responsibility is to provide the best tech platform not only for political campaigns but also for donors and organizations. She said this is the reason why the clearinghouse is focusing its efforts on innovating and expanding its services.

ActBlue said in another statement that every union and non-union staff that was affected by these layoffs will get two months of benefits and sewerage pay.

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