Democratic Spending Plan Would Increase Inflation Even More

Democratic Spending Plan Would Increase Inflation Even More

( – Most Americans are experiencing the squeeze of inflation on their pocketbooks these days. From the elevated price at the gas pump to putting meat on the table, paychecks just don’t go as far right now as they did before President Joe Biden took office. Yet, Democrats are looking past this fact and continuing to push for their insane “infrastructure” bill that would likely make matters worse.

As of now, progressive Democrats are still hoping to pass $6 trillion worth of liberal pipe dreams through Congress, including an expansion to Medicare, childcare subsidies, and federally-funded grants to be funneled towards climate change. Of course, this is happening as they continue to flood our borders with illegal immigrants that we have no plan to track or care for moving forward.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been one of the biggest proponents of this plan and has chosen to ignore the fact it could push inflation to its highest level in 30 years.

Fox News Columnist Liz Peek dove deeper into the subject in an op-ed on Monday, June 21:

Democrats are looking to pass this plan no matter what, even the possibility of using budget reconciliation if a bipartisan agreement does not include everything they want. However, if the Left continues to cripple our nation and economy over the next few years with their radical agenda, it will only give conservatives that much more motivation to take back Congress and the presidency by 2024.

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