Democrats and Republicans Far Apart on Relief

Democrats and Republicans Far Apart on Relief

( – Democrats and Republicans are far apart on their ideas for another economic relief package. House Democrats believe the return to normal will be slow and a protracted downturn is an economic reality. Therefore, money has to get in the hands of Americans soon. On the other hand, Republicans predict the economy may recover sooner as lockdowns end. Therefore, more focus needs to be put on incentives to work.

Americans have received $239 billion from the IRS to help them ride out the lockdowns. Last week, House Democrats passed a $3-trillion relief bill that includes another $1,200 per person. This means the payment increases from $500 per qualifying child to $1,200. In addition, the bill provides money for groups excluded in the first round of relief payments, including college students, adult dependents, and undocumented immigrants.

Liberal wish lists aside, the Senate has already signaled that business liability protections are a red line, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will not accept a plan without those measures. That widens the prospect even more for an agreement as Democrats have to negotiate amongst themselves. They’re under a lot of pressure from lobbying groups and trial lawyers who do not like McConnell’s red line.

Time will tell how this plays out on all sides.

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