Democrats Are Losing It Over Biden’s Weakness

Democrats Are Losing It Over Biden's Weakness

Democrats In Agony As Biden Fails Their Every Expectation

( – Joe Biden’s presidential win over Donald Trump appeared to be a major triumph and a sign of the country moving in the right direction, at least for Democrats. While the Left controls the White House and both chambers of Congress, it hasn’t been able to get much done. Many Democrats have taken aim at the administration, accusing Biden of being too weak.

A Battered Biden Administration

The last few weeks have been rough for President Biden and Democrats as a whole. The US Supreme Court decided to overrule Roe v. Wade; there have been several shootings, including one in Chicago on Independence Day; fuel prices are elevated; and inflation is making life hard for most Americans. While all of what’s going wrong in the country is ultimately in Biden’s lap, there’s little the president can do to fix any of these problems. That small detail hasn’t stopped his own party from becoming frustrated with the White House.

Low Numbers

For many Democrats, Biden was the route to change, and that’s why they voted for him. A majority of these constituents seem to be unhappy with the job the president has done so far. But it’s not just Biden’s party regretting their decision. A Monmouth University poll found that 88% of Americans feel as though the US is heading down the wrong track. Gallup conducted a survey and found that only 23% of Americans feel confident in the Biden administration, a 15% decrease from the year before.

Biden’s Action

Democrats may feel unsure about President Biden, but he has tried to make change. The president has taken executive action and signed a bipartisan bill to help reduce gun violence, released millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort to lower gas prices, and even requested the Senate alter the filibuster if necessary to codify Roe v. Wade. Even so, no one expected those measures to have much effect — and they didn’t, only adding to the frustration.

Changing Course

Joel Payne, a Democratic strategist, told The Hill that President Biden needs to alter his course. Payne explained that being the POTUS involves both an administrative and political aspect, adding that Biden has been too focused on the administrative side of the office. The Democratic strategist asserted that Biden’s party is looking for clarity and guidance, adding the president needs to balance both aspects.

Oddly enough a Republican strategist, Doug Heye, came to Biden’s defense. Heye declared people are expecting too much of the president, claiming he can’t win for losing. The Republican claimed Democrats possess a small majority in the House and virtually none in the Senate, noting there isn’t much Biden can do. Regardless of whether or not the president is doing enough, if he doesn’t make some changes, he’s looking at a tough reelection bid in 2024.

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