Democrats Increasingly More Progressive, Less Centrist Says Recent Poll

Democrats Increasingly More Progressive, Less Centrist Says Recent Poll

Shocking Poll Exposes Democrats!

( – Anyone who follows politics has probably noticed many Democrats have been moving further to the Left, and fewer are staying toward the middle. A new poll serves as proof that more and more Democrats are becoming progressive. But is it what Americans want?

A recent NBC poll found that despite speculation the 2022 midterm elections will be devastating to the Left, Democrats seem to be voting more progressive than they did in 2020. One of the questions on the poll asked left-leaning voters if they preferred a candidate with easy-to-pass, small-scale policies or large-scale ones that were more difficult to pass.

According to the poll, around 63% of Democratic voters prefer candidates with more extensive and extreme policies that cost more money. The figure is a decent increase from 2020, when only 53% said the same. In 2020, the difference between candidate preference was only 12%, while the recent poll indicates that difference is now 30%.

That’s not the only bad news the poll found for Democrats. It also noted that a whopping three-quarters of Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. With Biden’s approval rating dropping to an abysmal 39% according to NBC News, the midterm elections could quickly get ugly for Democrats.

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