Democrats May Not WIN This Seat After All!

Democrat's Chances of Winning NC Senate Seat Are Slim

Democrat’s Chances of Winning NC Senate Seat Are Slim

( – The midterms are quickly approaching, and the two major parties are doing their best to control both chambers of Congress. In North Carolina, Democrats have turned to outside sources, pleading with donors to send more money, as they believe they have a good chance at flipping the seat in the Senate. However, some believe the Left might be throwing away a golden opportunity.

Laying Low

As former North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley (D) faces off with Representative Ted Budd (R) to succeed Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), who is retiring, the two candidates have become deadlocked. Despite Beasley receiving much more funding than Budd, the Republican is managing to keep the race close. Political operatives and strategists explained the showdown has largely flown under the radar of national Democrats, warning the party might be wasting its chance to flip Burr’s seat.

No Lack of Competition

North Carolina has proven itself to be a competitive state for both parties. A veteran consultant in the state, Bruce Thompson, told The Hill that national Democrats were making a “big mistake” by not paying more attention to the North Carolina race. Thompson explained the party has a “great candidate,” and that many people are too concerned with races in states like Ohio, which has a track record of Republicans winning across the board. The consultant noted that the Left has a history of winning in North Carolina, claiming the state is as “purple” as one can get.

Lack of Support

The Senate race in the Tar Heel State has still received attention and funding from national progressive groups such as Women Vote, the independent arm of the fundraising behemoth EMILY’s List. The organization recently donated $2.7 million to highlight Beasley’s view on abortion rights, which has become a hot topic following the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade. Additionally, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) super PAC, Senate Majority PAC, pledged $2 million for campaign advertisements.

However, when compared to the donations Budd has received from his party, the Democrats’ contributions simply don’t stack up. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) super PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund, paid for $27 million worth of ads for the Republican candidate. Budd may receive even more from the new MAGA Inc, a super PAC allies of former President Donald Trump created to support candidates who received the previous commander in chief’s endorsements.

Democrats are facing a tough battle in the 2022 midterms as they look to retain control of Congress. Keeping the Senate will prove especially difficult as the upper chamber is evenly split between the two parties with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie. Republicans are taking aim at inflation and Biden’s poor performance in hopes of tipping the balance. A president’s approval rating has shown to impact their party’s chances in midterm elections, and Biden’s are relatively low, indicating Democrats aren’t likely to keep both chambers.

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