Democrats Put a New Spin on Inflation Troubles

Democrats Put a New Spin on Inflation Troubles

COVERUP Scheme: Democrats DESPERATELY Shift Blame

( – Democrats are launching a new PR campaign to redefine the inflation crisis. Led by President Biden, the Left is trying to divert attention from its economic policies and blame rising prices on corporate greed. It’s a desperate attempt to defuse an issue that threatens to hurt progressives badly in November’s elections.

Since President Biden took office, Democrats have poured trillions of Dollars of extra spending into the US economy. Obeying the fundamental economic law of supply and demand, prices immediately rose sharply. The effect hasn’t stopped the administration from pushing new spending bills, despite warnings from conservatives, but they have started trying to pin the blame somewhere else.

Senate candidate John Fetterman (D-PA) says if he’s elected, he’ll punish “massive corporations that are ripping us off.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has supported legislation that would ban “excessive” prices, while Biden himself has threatened to investigate companies he thinks are doing too well.

Not all Democrats are on board with this new strategy. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has rejected the narrative, confirming in June that “Demand and supply are largely driving inflation,” but desperate Democrats can see the attraction of blaming businesses for price rises. Yellen’s moderate voice isn’t winning the argument.

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