Democrats Reportedly Seeking to Bar Trump From Holding Office

Democrats Reportedly Seeking to Bar Trump From Holding Office

( – Despite not disclosing whether he will run for office again, former President Donald Trump is still a focal point for Democrats. Trump leads in almost every poll, and it seems likely that much of America wants to see him make a presidential bid in 2024. The left wants to squash these hopes.

Democrats strongly dislike Trump, to state the obvious, and many of them are willing to do whatever it takes to keep his name off the ballot. Since the first day of Trump’s presidency, Democrats have tried to remove him from office. Now, after the former president has been out of the White House for nearly a year, his opposition attempts to make sure he can never run for president again.

The left hopes to achieve its goal by enforcing a post-Civil War amendment in the US Constitution. The third section of the 14th Amendment clearly states that anyone who has held office and leads an insurrection or rebellion against that office will no longer be eligible to run.

Democrats aren’t alone in their fight to ban Trump from office. Some constitutional scholars have aligned with the move. However, despite the collaborative effort, not all agree on how they would proceed to enact the amendment. Some believe it would take a simple majority to enforce Section 3 of the 14th. Meanwhile, others think Congress would need to take extra steps, such as utilizing a fact-checking group that is neutral and not politically driven.

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