Democrats Vote Against Government From Prosecuting Unvaccinated Americans

Democrats Vote Against Government From Prosecuting Unvaccinated Americans

( – Every single Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee voted against a measure aimed at protecting the rights of unvaccinated Americans. During debate over the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021, the question of conspiracy theories and the COVID-19 virus came into play, prompting committee Republicans to act.

President Joe Biden’s stance on domestic terrorism differs quite a bit from his predecessor. The administration released a memo that lists “conspiracy theories” having to do with the COVID-19 virus and vaccine as an imminent threat to national security. To Representative Andy Biggs, (R-AZ) the memo combined with the bill could land Americans in trouble with the law for their personal views and choices.

Biggs introduced an amendment to the bill that would exclude people from the extreme measures the US government is willing to take to monitor and destabilize anti-vax “domestic terror” cells — people who’ve refused vaccination or hold beliefs contrary to what the US government sets forth as policy.

House Democrats apparently believe people who choose not to vaccinate are terrorists and worthy of covert intelligence missions against them. The individuals on the federal radar include doctors, nurses, police officers, school teachers, and all kinds of other citizens from across the American landscape. Ultimately, these people are guilty of nothing more than exercising freedom over their bodies.

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