Democrats Want to Codify Controversial Election Changes That Forced Biden on America

First Democratic Bill Introduced Will Allow Controversial Election Changes That Gave Us Biden

( – Democrats utilized mail-in voting last year in order to scrounge together enough allegedly legitimate votes to put Joe Biden in the White House. In hopes to secure this progressive rule for years to come, Democrats introduced an election reform bill, titled H.R. 1, to the 117th Congress.

Representative John Sarbanes (D-MD) introduced H.R. 1, advertising it as a “transformational anti-corruption and clean elections reform package.” However, when one reads the fine print, it’s clear that it would allow Democrats to use the same wayward tactics they used this past election in the future.

The bill would prohibit states from “requiring identification” in order to receive a mail-in ballot and would allow “uniform availability” for voters desiring to vote with an absentee ballot. These are just two of the numerous changes the bill proposes.

Many Americans see just what Democrats are hoping to use this bill for:

H.R. 1 would also give the US Congress “ultimate supervisory power over Federal elections,” hoping to take the power of running an election out of states’ hands. Now, more than ever, is the time when Americans must call their respective lawmakers to demand our voices are heard. This over-reach simply has to stop.

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