Democrats Want to Give Billions of Dollars in Unemployment

Democrats Want to Give Billions of Dollars in Unemployment

( – The federal stimulus bills from the past year have targeted Americans who were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, shutdowns, and unemployment. But, one state did not think the money provided thus far was enough. It plans to give out around $2.1 billion to illegal immigrants and ex-cons who were previously ineligible for government aid.

On Thursday, April 1, New York lawmakers debated the “Excluded Workers Fund” that could provide up to $28,000 per person to formerly incarcerated citizens and illegal immigrants. The bill would replicate what US citizens received in combined federal and state unemployment since the pandemic began, usually averaging around $500 a week.

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin shares more:

New York State Senator Daphne Jordan (R) called the proposal “outrageous” and highlighted how it’s just the “latest in a long line of state government’s misplaced priorities.”

For a state struggling to stay in the green during a high-spending year, handing out up to 275,000 checks to former prisoners and illegal immigrants doesn’t seem like the brightest idea. Perhaps rather than giving taxpayers’ hard-earned money to those hiding from the law, New York should give it back to its constituents and let them decide where to spend their money.

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