Democrats Want to Give Free Health Insurance to Illegals

Democrats Want to Give Free Health Insurance to Illegals

( – As the Golden State rolls in a projected $75 billion surplus of funds, Democrats are chomping at the bit to spend the extra cash. Rather than choosing to relax taxes on the overly-regulated state to help boost the economy, though, the Left is pushing hopes to provide free healthcare to a large group of illegal immigrants.

On Friday, May 14, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) announced his latest budget proposal which would expand Medi-Cal availability to illegal immigrants over the age of 60. This plan is expected to cost taxpayers $859 million, although the government’s analysis admitted that “both our caseload and cost estimates are subject to significant uncertainty.”

One American pointed out the absurdity of this plan on Twitter:

Newsom noted in the budget that this would be a “milestone on the path toward universal health coverage.” It’s no surprise that California is pushing for universal healthcare, as that is the clear stepping stone to the government running just about every other part of citizens’ lives.

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