Democrats Want to Replace American Workers to Fix ‘Inflation’

Democrats Want to Replace American Workers to Fix 'Inflation'

( – Inflation has become a serious problem in America, and experts don’t expect the rising prices to go anywhere anytime soon. The main driving factor is a shortage of workers in the United States. Democrats believe they may have a solution to the problem.

Economists claim that Biden could help ease inflation by forcefully advocating for immigration reform to bring in more immigrants. Katherine Rampell of the Washington Post believes that Biden can reverse inflation near-instantaneously by bringing in immigrant workers.

While allowing more immigrants would flood the market with workers, and lower wages would cause a decrease in prices, it’s not working-class Americans who would benefit. Sure, Americans will see lower prices on food and services, but it’s the wealthier Americans who invest and employ workers who would see most of the return.

Instead of adding more people to the country, the White House could be finding ways to get to the root of the issue and help its struggling citizens. For example, officials should ask why employers are having such a hard time filling these vacant jobs while seeking realistic ways to encourage people to get back to work.

Immigration in the United States reduces the political influence of Americans and increases wage gaps. So the idea is good in theory but not in practice.

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