Dems Demand COVID Mandate

Dems Demand COVID Mandate

( – Democrats call for a federal mask mandate as coronavirus continues to spread across the nation. However, the current administration holds tight to federalism: the fact that as much government control as possible should be deferred to the state and local levels.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called again this week for President Donald Trump to “take this seriously,” referring to COVID-19. However, the White House continues to stand behind the states as they each choose how to deal with COVID-19 themselves.

Vice President Mike Pence encourages people to follow the guidelines implemented by their state. By keeping mask-wearing a state-by-state or local requirement, we keep the federal government from overstepping its boundaries.

The simple fact that some people demand the government to require a universal covering or clothing is nerve-wracking. As history shows, it’s a slippery slope from “protecting the public” to authoritarianism. Following scientifically-proven health precautions is vital to combat the virus, but holding tight to our personal freedoms is just as important.

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