Dems Sweep Corruption Under The Rug

House Oversight Committee Votes No to Hunter Biden Investigation

House Oversight Committee Votes No to Hunter Biden Investigation

( – The House Oversight Committee recently held a vote on the investigation of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, regarding his overseas business dealings. The Democrat-controlled committee voted against the resolution Republicans brought forward prior to the vote that would require Biden to hand over the documents pertaining to any deals or investments.

Ranking committee member Representative James Comer (R-KY), asserted in a press release that Democrats were continuing their protection of Biden. The Kentucky Republican declared the American people deserved transparency concerning the First Family’s business deals with foreign powers. Comer mentioned the concealment of the business dealings was a threat to national security, adding that liberals preferred to talk about former President Trump, climate change, and drug prices.

Democrats have been hesitant to investigate the younger Biden. They recently accused Republicans of attempting to undermine their position in the 2024 presidential election as the reason behind their demand for commander in chief’s son to submit the documents. The Left also claimed the Right was attempting to take attention away from its efforts to focus on abortion and climate change.

Representative Comer noted that while the Left feels the need “to shield the Biden family,” he and other Republicans would continue to press for “answers and accountability.”

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