Derek Chauvin to Appeal His Case

Derek Chauvin to Appeal His Case

( – The former Minneapolis police officer convicted of killing George Floyd in April 2021 intends to fight the ruling. Court documents first obtained by Reuters show Derek Chauvin filed an official appeal with the Minnesota court system on Thursday, September 23rd. The papers list a total of 14 separate issues with the case.

The filing specifically draws attention to his third-degree murder charge and the original trial’s location. Chauvin accuses the judge of making decisions against his requests, ultimately leading to jury misconduct and bias. He also cites issues with poor sidebar record keeping of the sidebars during the trial. 

Chauvin also filed a second motion to postpone the appeal mentioned above. The former police officer says that decision stemmed from a lack of access to a public defender. He wants to hold off on proceedings until the Minnesota Supreme Court reviews their choice to deny him access to a lawyer. 

Chauvin’s ongoing struggles with income prevent him from securing a lawyer; a public defender would help alleviate this problem. However, the Minnesota court has yet to comment on the case or provide a presumed date for when they might hear the appeal. Chauvin will continue to serve his 22.5-year sentence in the meantime.

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