DeSantis Accuses Trump of Using “Democrat Attacks” Against Him

( – Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said during an interview with Newsmax published on Monday that former US President Donald Trump is executing “Democrat attacks” against him, because of the way he supported changes to entitlement programs a couple of years ago. DeSantis made these accusations against the former commander-in-chief in a moment when many polls show him as the second-favorite to win the GOP primaries, and media outlets report he might announce his presidential bid anytime soon.

In the interview, the Florida Governor accused Trump of deploying “Democrat attacks,” adding he doesn’t believe any voter “buys that.” He also said Trump was contradicting himself, as he claimed he wrote a book where he was claiming the importance of increasing “the age of eligibility for Social Security.”

DeSantis has been under fire from Trump’s presidential campaign for his support of a GOP budget proposal that would have increased the retirement age for Social Security benefits to 70 while he was a member of Congress. The former president has stated that Republicans should not change the programs as the debate over the future of entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare has re-ignited with the struggle over the debt ceiling in Washington.

According to a federal analysis released this year, Social Security’s trust funds would run dry by 2034, automatically reducing the number of benefits that are paid out. This topic has become a major debate among Republicans, with users on social media showing mixed opinions.

The Florida Governor also said in the Newsmax interview that GOP members have to discuss changes to these programs. However, he blasted the former president for using “Democratic tactics,” and said that he has never proposed anything that could somehow affect senior citizens in the United States.

While DeSantis has a solid chance of winning the GOP nomination if he officially announces his presidential bid, all polls keep showing Trump as the favorite to win the party’s primaries.

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