DeSantis Blasts Trump Over Focus On Woke

( – Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis suggested during a Saturday interview that former President Donald Trump doesn’t understand the woke threat. This suggestion came after the former commander-in-chief said that he doesn’t want to define that word as he said “half the people” can’t do it.

When NBC correspondent Dasha Burns asked DeSantis to define the word, the Florida Governor said that woke was a type of “Cultural Marxism.” This moment took place during DeSantis’ campaign stop in Iowa, where he was presenting his candidacy to state voters.

The Florida Governor also told Burns that he could define the term woke as the worst form of “war” against “the truth.” He added that woke is about putting “identity politics” on top of more important things such as “merit and achievement.” DeSantis also explained this is something quite dangerous as he claimed it has already “corrupted” and “infected” many institutions across Florida. Moreover, he told the NBC correspondent that people need to fight “the woke,” which he said is exactly what he has done in his state. Finally, DeSantis said that Florida is the American state where woke “goes to die.”

Trump refused to define the term last week, during an Iowa campaign event at the Westside Conservative Breakfast. At that moment, the former president told the crowd that most people don’t know what woke is, and claimed he was tired of hearing about it all the time.

Political analysts believe this is one of the main differences between the two presidential candidates. On the one hand, DeSantis has adopted the idea of fighting against “wokeness” in his political career and even established the “Stop WOKE Act” law recently. Florida lawmakers said this was crucial as it was made to fight against “woke indoctrination. On the other hand, Trump hasn’t mentioned the term that much, as many point out he’s not so interested in it.

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