DeSantis Exposes the Real Fauci After Government Revokes Lifesaving Treatment

DeSantis Exposes the Real Fauci After Government Revokes Lifesaving Treatment

( – Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida (R) has made his position on COVID-19 and the seemingly endless pandemic clear. Unlike others, DeSantis has followed the numbers and the science to implement policies in the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, the federal government isn’t a fan of DeSantis’s approach, and the governor’s most recent ad reignited their dismay. Especially from Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The nation’s leading disease expert and the Florida governor have quite a history between them. The two go back and forth, offering criticism for each other almost constantly. Finally, DeSantis is done playing games and released a campaign ad aimed at the doctor.

The Biden administration, namely Fauci, has condemned Florida for its approach to COVID-19. DeSantis has essentially done everything the White House has told him not to, except when the administration’s recommendations have been in the best interest of Floridians. Most recently, Biden blocked the Sunshine State from receiving more monoclonal antibody treatments, which DeSantis has pushed in favor of the vaccine.

The governor’s ad directly attacks Dr. Fauci, claiming the infectious disease expert has “flip-flopped” his opinion on the virus and how to handle it. The ad grills Fauci, using his own words against him. The video shows just how much Fauci has reneged his previous statements, which is quite often.

Oddly enough, the ad fits perfectly with DeSantis’s narrative. The end of the video indicates that you can pre-order the “Freedom Over Fauci” flip-flops. The ad also asserts that “Fauci can pound sand,” which often means to go away or do something pointless. It’s almost a nice way of telling a person off.

What do you think of the ad? Do you feel the same as DeSantis, or did the Florida governor go too far?

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