DeSantis Gets Booed During Vigil in Florida

( – Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis was booed and heckled on August 27 during a vigil of the Jacksonville shooting’s victims The moment took place when the Republican leader was introduced to make a speech about the tragedy. The shooting took place at a Dollar General store where a 21-year-old white shooter killed three black individuals. Authorities revealed he previously wrote numerous manifestos where he expressed his racist views.

DeSantis said that the state was making efforts to identify funds to increase security at Edward Waters University. This one is a historically black college where the shooter showed up and tried to enter before starting the shooting. A security staffer at the college said that the gunman wanted to enter but he refused to let him do it as he didn’t show any identification.

When people stopped booing, DeSantis said that he wouldn’t allow these institutions to be targeted by criminals. He then said that what the gunman did is “unacceptable” in Florida, and claimed that his administration is not going to let people get targeted because of their religion or race. DeSantis added that his administration is going to stand up for the people of Florida and is going to do “what we need to do” to prevent “evil” triumphs.

DeSantis said this means that he’s going to coordinate with the college to give them “whatever security they need” to guarantee their protection. Finally, he noted that any person who decides to target any historically black college and university in the state will be held accountable by authorities.

The gunman was identified by authorities as Ryan Palmeter. He was carrying a Glock handgun and an AR-style semiautomatic rifle. Authorities said he informed his father about his plan while he was arriving at Jacksonville. While his father called authorities immediately, the shooter had already killed the three black individuals and committed suicide.

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