DeSantis Invites Harris to Florida Amid School Program Controversy

( – Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis invited Vice President Kamala Harris to Florida on August 1, in the midst of the ongoing dispute over the new African American history curriculum. The program, which will be included in Florida’s public schools, includes some points that have raised controversy among liberals.

In a letter, the presidential candidate said that people in Florida are “unafraid” to have an honest and open dialogue about these types of issues. After accusing the vice president of “ducking down to Florida,” the governor “officially” invited her to the state so they can discuss “our African American History standards.” The presidential candidate even suggested that her “grave concern” on this issue wasn’t sincere.

In addition to inviting Harris, DeSantis also accused the Biden administration in his letter of spreading misinformation about this new curriculum to Americans. The Florida governor said they are choosing to “malign” the state and each of its residents. He noted he could meet with the vice president as soon as she wanted and hoped Harris is “feeling up to it.”

In the final part of the letter, DeSantis explained that he thought “Washington” would applaud Florida’s boldness of teaching such a “unique” part of African American history. However, he said that the Biden administration has only tried to score “cheap political points” by attacking the curriculum and labeling all Florida parents as “extremists.”

The state’s Board of Education approved new rules for teaching African-American history in Florida back in July. This prompted immediate pushback from critics, who have claimed that these standards represent a “step backward.” Different reports have shown these new guidelines require race lessons to be taught objectively, in a way that doesn’t “indoctrinate” students to any point of view.

In a July trip to Florida, the vice president said in a speech at Jacksonville that the state was “pushing propaganda” in public schools. Harris claimed that American adults know what slavery “really involved.”

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