DeSantis Makes Controversial Comments About Back People and Slavery

( – Florida Governor and Republican candidate Ron DeSantis said on July 21 that black people in America benefited from slavery as he said they learned many skills. During a press conference, DeSantis told reporters that every student in Florida will learn about “that personal benefit” in the state’s new education curriculum.

DeSantis’ comments came after the Department of Education in the Sunshine State approved on July 19 a controversial curriculum for Florida’s African-American Studies program. This one will be implemented in public schools and will instruct all students on the “personal benefit” of slavery to black people in the United States.

The Florida Governor told reporters that this program will show how some black slaves “eventually parlayed,” as he said some were able to transition to trades after emancipation. Florida’s curriculum standards for this new African-American Studies course say that every student will learn how so many slaves “developed skills” that could’ve eventually been applied for “their personal benefit.”

At the press conference, the Republican presidential candidate pointed out that he didn’t play any role in the numerous changes made to the state’s curriculum. However, he defended these changes as an academic decision by Florida’s Department of Education. DeSantis explained that nothing was “done politically” and claimed that scholars “put this together.” He also told reporters that the Department of Education was open to “any questions” about the program.

The new curriculum change comes after the “Stop WOKE Act,” which the Florida Governor signed into law last year. This legislation was aimed to prohibit the teaching of anything that made public school students feel ashamed or uncomfortable because of “their race.”

DeSantis and many GOP Florida officials said that this law was intended to fight back against the teaching of critical race theory in public schools. This one has been criticized by many Republican leaders as it examines how America’s history of discrimination and racism keeps impacting the country. Many Democratic leaders have said this should be taught in academic institutions.

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