DeSantis Sends National Guard to Texas Amid Migrant Crisis

( – Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Tuesday that he is “sending help” to the state of Texas to protect the southern border following a national controversy over the Biden administration’s immigration policy.

In a statement, the Republican leader said he ordered Florida agencies such as the Florida National Guard and law enforcement to be deployed to Texas with assets such as personnel and different types of transport vehicles. He added that the state of Florida is willing to help Texas respond to a crisis that President Joe Biden not only created but also ignores.

More than 1,100 officers, troopers, soldiers, and other employees from the state of Florida were listed in DeSantis’ office update on Tuesday, along with five fixed-wing aircraft, over a dozen drones, and other assets.

With the expiration of the national pandemic emergency declaration last week, the Title 42 immigration policy also ended. This policy permitted border agents to swiftly remove migrants seeking refuge when they encountered them at the border. As a result of its expiration, migrant processing was returned to Title 8 procedures.

While many have said that surge of migrants at the border will take place shortly because of the Title 42 expiration, this influx hasn’t arrived. In fact, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said last week that the Border Patrol noticed a significant decrease in encounters at the border, following the policy expiration.

However, experts believe that a surge in migrant influx is inevitable, which could represent a significant escalation of the migrant crisis, and create a delicate scenario in border states, such as Texas.

Also on Tuesday, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbot said that his state already sent 18,500 migrants to different cities across the country. These were Philadelphia, Chicago, New York City, and Washington, DC.

Additionally, the Texas Governor thanked DeSantis in a letter for his support, urging other governors across the country to do the same and help Texas in responding to what he referred to as “the flood of illegal border activity.”

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