DeSantis Suspends FL State Attorney Worrell Over Alleged Leniency on Crime

( – Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis suspended the state attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit, Monique Worrell, on August 9. The GOP leader accused Worrell of under-prosecuting criminals in her jurisdiction and pointed out this would not be tolerated.

An executive order signed by Florida’s Secretary of State Cord Byrd and DeSantis accused the state attorney of “systematically” allowing criminals in her jurisdiction to evade incarceration. The executive order pointed out this was allegedly made either by refusing to allege possible facts against the criminals or dropping charges.

Following the suspension, Worrell accused the Florida governor and presidential candidate of spreading a “false narrative” against her. The Democrat official, who became the state attorney in 2021, also claimed this was all a “political gamesmanship.” Moreover, she said that her suspension wasn’t “about policy” or anything she did, and alleged that DeSantis and “his cronies” have been searching for “any reason” to take this step against her.

The Florida governor announced Worrell’s suspension at a press conference, at which the Republican leader claimed she had been “derelict” in her official duties. He also said that the state attorney’s actions constituted incompetence and “neglect of duty,” and noted that Worrell abused the discretion that prosecutors usually have in their cases. Finally, DeSantis told reporters that Worrell’s suspension was entirely legal.

According to different reports, her suspension was effective immediately and the Florida Governor appointed Judge Andrew Bain to replace Worrell. This is the second time DeSantis has taken this type of action against a state attorney over accusations of not being hard enough on crime.

In 2022, the Florida governor took the same action against Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren. The suspension took place after Warren announced he wouldn’t enforce state restrictions on gender-related surgeries or abortion procedures. While a federal judge confirmed Warren’s suspension, it also noted that the Florida Governor violated his free speech rights.

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