DeSantis Vows to Protect Border from Cartels

( – Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis said on September 12 that he would send the US military to shoot cartel groups trying to enter the country through the southern border if elected. This has been one of DeSantis’ main promises in his campaign, even when military experts and some Republican leaders point out this is a flawed strategy.

During an interview with CBS, the GOP leader told host Norah O’Donnell that he would make the protection of the United States one of the main goals of his administration. He then recalled watching engineers having to make repairs in many sections of the border wall in Arizona, where he said cartel members had cut through some sections of steel beams.

The presidential candidate made these comments after he promised during the first GOP presidential primary debate that he would “kill” Mexican cartels by sending American special forces into Mexico. Different polls showed Republican voters had mixed reactions to this promise.

DeSantis noted that in cases where authorities discover cartel groups trying to destroy border wall sections, the US military will be immediately sent to the area and with authorization to deploy lethal force to stop them. The Florida Governor also said that protocols would be needed to determine rules of engagement for when the US military can execute force against these criminals.

When asked to elaborate on this point, DeSantis said that the use of force would be only authorized on certain occasions. He noted that even when cartels are known for constantly changing their modus operandi, the use of lethal force against them could be efficient.

In the case of sending troops to Mexico, DeSantis explained that the tactics the US military would use inside this country “can be debated.” He then pointed out this operation needs to be done as he claimed that cartel groups are overrunning the United States border. The Florida governor also said they’re human traffickers and sex traffickers that are invading the country with “massive quantities of drugs.”

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