DeSantis Warns Big Tech Companies Could “Dominate Our Society”

( – Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis said during an interview with The American Conservative on Monday that corporate juggernauts like Google are way more powerful than 20th century mega-companies.

The Republican leader said that if anyone analyzes the “footprint” of companies like Google, people will notice they don’t “offend historical antitrust law,” since these are only focused on “jacking up prices.” However, DeSantis said these companies are proving to have far more power than any “of the trust” of the 20th century, including Standard Oil. He explained that, because of this, people need to ask themselves if it’s ok that some powerful companies can “dominate our society and if it would be appropriate to apply an antitrust principle.

Far from being the only political leader who thinks this way, many other lawmakers and U.S. officials from both parties have been signaling the threat of Big Tech companies’ power. In fact, U.S. President Joe Biden publicly supported an antitrust reform legislation aimed at the largest digital companies in his State of the Union address, where he urged Congress to stop major online platforms from favoring their products unfairly.

About his feud with entertainment juggernaut Disney, which sued DeSantis in April alleging he harmed some of the company’s business operations, the Florida Governor said that the Reedy Creek Improvement District that Disney has self-governed and owned for decades was nothing more than “corporate welfare.” As a result, the Republican leader said that Florida is under no obligation to maintain that arrangement with Disney.

Earlier this year, the Florida Governor signed a bill that will replace the 25 acres that Disney owned with the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, which is a board that DeSantis appointed to oversee the company. Last month, this new board voted to void past agreements between the Reedy Creek Improvement District and Disney, prompting the company to sue DeSantis.

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