Detransitioner Files Lawsuit Against Medical Group

( – A 20-year-old detransitioner named Isabelle Ayala sued her doctors and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on October 24 for conducting and pushing “gender-affirming medicalization” on her when she was a child. According to the lawsuit, Ayala is an “unfortunate victim” of different “actors” who prioritized their political ideologies over children’s health, well-being, and safety.

The complaint pointed out that the AAP, along with 15 “John Does” and seven doctors were guilty of medical malpractice, fraud, conspiracy, and other related causes of action. The lawsuit added that these accusations were related to their “collective failure” to treat the 20-year-old woman for her depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

According to different reports, Ayala was convinced by this medical group to transition to a boy at the age of 14. The doctors provided hormone and testosterone therapies for six months until she tried to kill herself. Ayala claimed that the transition-related care continued regardless.

As noted in the complaint, the procedure was motivated by a 2018 APP policy statement that openly promoted guidance to help teenagers and children receive “gender-affirming care.” While the association reaffirmed the policy in August this year, it recognized the need for a systematic review to determine the success of the treatments. Despite criticism from many health experts in the United States, the AAP maintained the current policy.

In a statement, APP’s Chief Executive Director Mark Del Monte said that the association’s board believes that the current policy is “appropriate” because of the reliability of the “existing evidence.” However, he explained that the board could change of opinion if “additional detail” shows that the policy is counterproductive.

Different media outlets reported that Ayala is now requesting punitive and compensatory damages, as well as attorney’s “fees and costs.” The complaint pointed out that the 20-year-old woman wants to recover her “healthy, female body,” and noted that testosterone therapy caused severe “changes” in her.

While there are many other cases like Ayala’s in the United States, this is the first one where a detransitioner directly targets the AAP.

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