Devin Nunes Reveals More Details on Trump’s TRUTH Social Platform

Devin Nunes Reveals More Details on Trump's TRUTH Social Platform

( – Former Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) stepped out of public office in December after spending nearly 20 years representing California’s 22nd Congressional District and leading the House Intelligence Committee. He immediately became the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) CEO. Both Nunes and TMTG are vowing to take the fight to Big Tech through former President Donald Trump’s new “big tent” social media platform, TRUTH Social.

Devin Nunes’s Role at TMTG

During an interview with Fox News, Nunes expressed excitement about his role as CEO of TMTG, saying the move is not political but rather a continuation of serving the public. He expects TRUTH Social to attract users from all across the globe, eventually becoming the “free-est” social media platform.

Trump and his allies patiently waited and strategized to create an alternative method of communication after social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram banned the former president. Twitter specifically sanctioned Trump shortly after the January 6 storming of the Capitol, saying he broke community policies and standards by promoting hate speech and inciting a riot.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Nunes told hosts he feels the creation of Truth Social was a simple and effective way to fire back at media platform overreach.

“You ban us and ban the president, okay, we’re going to raise the capital and build a company,” he explains.

According to reports, the TMTG launched last October and has partnerships agreements with investors to raise more than $1 billion. It seeks to eventually become a publicly-traded company through a merger agreement with Digital World Acquisition Corporation.

TRUTH Social Takes On Big Tech

TMTG is composed of like-minded Conservatives and patriots committed to eliminating Big Tech’s oppressive stronghold of conservative opinion. Nunes says the platform itself is in the final stages of development and that former President Trump remains focused on creating a world-class product.

When hosts asked whether the former president would use the new platform as he so often did on Twitter, Nunes said it was up to Trump, who could use it how he wanted.

In an earlier exclusive interview with Fox News, Trump called Nunes a “fantastic leader” who loves the US and wants to support alternative voices outside of the radical Left. He also said the creation of Truth Social is “big” and about so much more than just money.

Truth Social is currently available for pre-order in the Apple Store and will be released next month. Nunes said the app would offer a message board and give users a chance to post pictures and videos without the Conservative censorship of Big Tech.

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