DHS Secretary Contradict His Own Border Patrol Chief During Hearing

(AmericanProsperity.com) – US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas explained during a Wednesday hearing that he disagrees with the March testimony provided by Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz about the current security situation in the US-Mexico border.

At the House Homeland Security Committee’s DHS budget hearing, Texas Representative August Pfluger said that Ortiz claimed that the US-Mexico border “is not secure,” asking the DHS chief if he thought the same. Surprisingly, Mayorkas threw his top border agent under the bus by saying he “respectfully” disagreed with him.

During the March testimony in McAllen, Texas, Ortiz said that five of nine parts of the southwest border are currently experiencing a much “higher level of flow” that the border patrol has been watching over the last few months. Republican Mississippi Representative Michael Guest said this only meant that those parts of the southwest border are not secure. Ortiz didn’t respond.

During the Wednesday hearing, Pfluger claimed that no Democrat representative attended the one that occurred in Texas a month ago. He also responded to Mayorkas that, over the last three years, not “a single border patrol” has said they trust in his leadership as the chief of the DHS. He also told Mayorkas that these border patrol agents allegedly told him they don’t feel he’s keeping the United State secure.

A situation that raised controversy was the presence of Emilia and Maria Tambunga’s family members. Both of them were killed in March by an illegal immigrant in the Texas border town of San Angelo, raising concerns among conservatives about the current situation that is taking place at the border.

Pfluger asked the DHS Chief to apologize to the Tambunga family, with Mayorkas subsequently saying that everyone’s hearts were broken “for your loss.” He added that he and the people at the agency are also heartbroken for every single victim of criminal activity in the country.

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