Diners Outraged by Massive Bill at Greek Restaurant

Diners Outraged by Massive Bill at Greek Restaurant

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Many people save up for years to afford their dream vacations, squirreling away money whenever possible so they can really enjoy the trip. Nevertheless, sometimes things go wrong, putting a damper on the experience. One couple that recently traveled to Greece got the shock of a lifetime when their dinner bill arrived one evening.

Adam Hagaun and Jessica Yarnall traveled to the Mediterranean country after two years of saving up for their vacation. While strolling on a beach, they were lured into a restaurant, DK Oyster, by waiters standing outside the establishment. They decided to have a drink, but when they got inside, they said they were coerced into ordering food, and staff even brought some items to the table the couple didn’t order.

At the end of the meal, the vacationers asked for the check. When it came, they were floored to find it exceeded 800 euros, nearly $1,000.

The couple asked to see an itemized list of the bill and compared it to the menu they found on Google. They discovered they were charged more than 100 euros for a mojito. There were two options: a 25-euro mojito and a 100-euro mojito. Yarnall said she was never given a choice. Another discrepancy involved the crab legs, which racked their bill up several hundred more euros. Other diners were also reportedly “freaking out” about their checks.

In the end, after arguing with the management, the couple decided to pay the bill, but they wanted to caution tourists. Yarnall created a TikTok post about her experience.

It turns out that this couple isn’t the only one to fall victim to the restaurant’s shady practices. There are many accounts online that detail the predatory atmosphere. According to the New York Post, Greek City Times reported that the restaurant was even fined 30,000 euros for taking advantage of tourists.

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