Doctors Burnt Out But Excited for AI?

Doctors Say They Are Burnt Out But Encouraged By AI?

( – A new survey has found that doctors in the United States are facing burnout and staffing shortages, but it turns out that many are optimistic about the addition of AI.

Doctors have spoken out saying that they are feeling burnt out, but that they are optimistic about artificial intelligence and how it can alleviate some of the issues that are contributing to their burnout. It says that 90% of physicians reported feeling burned out on a “regular basis”; 64% of doctors say that they feel overwhelmed because of clerical tasks, which is something that AI might be able to assist with. With this said, 60% of doctors say that they have considered leaving their field because of this burnout.

The survey pointed out that doctors are spending on average 15 hours of work time outside of their normal hours, which they refer to as “pajama time.” According to the survey, it stated that 60% of doctors feel they don’t have enough in-person time with their patients, while 75% of doctors said that they felt that “excessive communication needs” from patients, such as texting, calling, and emailing was overwhelming them.

Only 40% of doctors said that they felt their employer was on “solid financial footing.” However, 83% of doctors said that AI could help. Physicians think that this technology could streamline administrative work, identify patterns and anomalies in patient data, and improve the accuracy of diagnosis as well.

Dr. Nele Jessel, chief medical officer for Athenahealth, said “If we get this right, we’ll be using the technology to reduce administrative work and increase efficiencies in ways that allow physicians to refocus on their patients.”

They aren’t expecting AI to fix any of these problems overnight, but it can be a huge help for sure and it could change the way doctors work on admin tasks. According to the survey conducted between October 23 and November 8 80% of doctors agree that technology helps them manage their patient workload, which can mean that AI could expedite the process.

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